About AKM

Who we are and what we do?


Vision Statement

We aspire to grow both on topline and bottomline aggressively in all business endeavours with the ethos of a win-win business proposition with our stake holders, our customer and suppliers equally, to achieve sustainability and drive profitability on one hand and maintain Stakeholder satisfaction on the other.

Mission Statement

We vouch to drive transparency in our transactions with integrity as our prime mover, develop a deep sense of everlasting trust with our stakeholders through strong partnership build-up, use the 3 decades of our industrial experience and deep product supply chain knowledge to provide Sustainable supply chain solutions to our esteemed customers with unmatched sense of responsibility to achieve utmost customer satisfaction and develop and add to our own goodwill.


AKM Corporation established in 2011, is a budding integrated supply chain solution providing organisation in the horizon of the Indian and Global Industrial business Arena with unmatched capability of providing products and services for industrial customers as well as the retail market in the market segments it operates. We are suppliers of quality industrial input raw materials, consumer goods, as well as other value added services for the Paint & Coatings, Food – Beverage- Personal Care, Glass & Ceramics, Plastics & Rubber and other Customer market bases and are thoroughly equipped to provide end to end purchasing and supply chain solutions to our customers.

SMART Resource & Process

At AKM we believe that our Human Resources are our greatest assets, who have been chosen carefully to provide us with an immense intellectual property, diversified in nature to handle diverse customer demands with aplomb. We and our people have a rich technical educational and industrial experience background spanning over more than 3 decades , skilled  in handling global supply Chains in diverse and highly challenging backdrops .Having said that, we have taken utmost care to draw and streamline our management processes and made them systems driven and fool-proof to drive the operations without blemish .We keep ourselves abreast with modern management techniques and its application methodologies viz. application of  the QCD path model  ( Quality-Cost-Delivery approach path model ) to all our business processes to give the same a balanced approach to achieve or improve upon desirable and targeted results.

Continuous Improvement…

We humbly believe that improvement is an unending process and therefore are open to  strongly interacting with our partners in business for driving overall operational and business excellence and acquire contemporary and advanced techniques to deliver results and ensure long-term customer satisfaction and therefore acceptance as true partners in their business endeavours as well.


In gist , we are the GO-TO-PEOPLE FOR YOU who are looking forward to a trouble free transactional experience . Trust us and we will deliver your needs in the right time , in the right quantity , in the right place at the right price .

We passionately endeavour to search and comb the globe to reach the supplier’s supplier on one end and customer’s customers at the other  to service the whole value chain with leaner , cost optimised and time efficient solutions

We are therefore  a lean ,end-to-end Supply Chain facilitating and Optimising Organisation , your next door partner to ease off your  diverse and complex supply Chain Challenges .

Satisfaction Delivered

We believe in creating satisfied customers which we propose to achieve through building stakeholder Trust, Partnership and Sustainability by exhibiting responsibility, transparency, integrity and confidentiality in all our transactions .All our efforts are tuned towards doing things differently as we strive and innovate to succeed. We realise , honour and feel accountable for the responsibility we carry on account of  the trust our stakeholders bestow on us and we are committed and focused to deliver their needs to satisfaction .  “Your Trust is our Commitment”